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Westbeach Recorders

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Captain Birthday Cake

25. října 2009 v 16:47 | Beautiful Nightmare |  Billyho kresby <3
I haven't updated in a LONG time. Been very busy..drawing the interior pages for my comic book, Vitriol: The Hunter. However, here's something I managed to do earlier this week. It was a b-day gift for my friend Steve, he likes pirates...a lot!


Už dlouhou dobu jsem nezveřejnil nic nového. Byl jsem hodně zaneprázdněný... kreslil jsem vnitřní strany mého komiksu Vitriol: The Hunter. Nicméně tady je něco, co jsem zvádl udělat na začátku tohoto týdne. Byl to dárek k narozeninám pro mého kamaráda Stevea, má rád piráty... hodně rád!

Halloween print

25. října 2009 v 16:47 | Beautiful Nightmare |  Billyho kresby <3
A work in progress for my annual Halloween print.


Náčrtek mé každoroční Halloweenské kresby.

Ellismania.com caps

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Zbytek fotek → ZDE

People - Listopad 09

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První fotky Sparrowa!

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Kouzelnej <3

GC In The Studio - 16.10.09

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Here's a video blog for your viewing pleasure. Thought I would start it off with a little Deano Cam! Incase you are unaware, Dean is our drummer and he has this obsession with picking up the flipcam and shoving it in everyones faces. God bless him. Even though sometimes it gets weird.

More Blogs to come



Cardiology Update: WE GOT THIS! And that new Cover song I Promised! - 14.10.09

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Hey Everybody,
Just checking in from Studio, well home, but Been hard at work and haven't checked in as much as i should. Sorry about that, I have been trying to twitter a lot(@benjaminmadden if you were wondering). Anyways,the good news is "Cardiology" is almost done, we are working on mostly vocals now and it is all coming together really well. I have never been this proud of a record. If I could describe it I would have to say it's just a more mature version of our self titled album... really simple production, just all about the songs and the lyrics. There will definitely be some suprise's though, wouldn't be a GC record if there weren't right?

What's Up Everyone! - 29.9.09

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I can't wait till we get on the road again and play our new songs & old one's too.
It's gonna be awesome!!!!!!!
Miss you guyzzz!!!!

Joel and Nicole spotted out - 17.10.09

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Benji out on Melrose - 16.10.09

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Out in Hollywood - 14.10.09

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Benj & Allison Iraheta

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Venku s Harlow - 9.10.09

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