Červen 2009

Behind the scenes OP shoot fall 2009

30. června 2009 v 23:00 | Beautiful Nightmare |  Joel - photos

Out in the west village, NY - 28.6.09

30. června 2009 v 22:58 | Beautiful Nightmare |  Benji - photos

Benji out with his dad - 19.6.09

27. června 2009 v 17:18 | Beautiful Nightmare |  Benji - photos

Fotky z DCMA Collective

27. června 2009 v 17:04 | Beautiful Nightmare |  Twins - photos

Vitriol Turnarounds

27. června 2009 v 17:00 | Beautiful Nightmare |  Billyho kresby <3
Keeping with my traditional art theme..I did some turnarounds of Vitriol today using markers.

Vitriol is Coming

20. června 2009 v 16:39 | Beautiful Nightmare |  Billyho kresby <3
Ok, so far so good in keeping to traditional art. Here' s my character Vitriol again. Hope your not getting tired of him because there's LOTS more coming soon!

Let's Get This Party Started

20. června 2009 v 16:38 | Beautiful Nightmare |  Billyho kresby <3
This was the piece I did for the Zombie art show last month. I hadn't done any traditional painting in a while and I was rusty! I really enjoyed working on it though. I'm thinking I'm gonna try to make myself stay away from digital for a little while and get my painting skills up a little. Sorry for the bad pic, the painting is pretty big and I photographed it the best I could..I'll edit it if I manage to get a better one.


20. června 2009 v 16:37 | Beautiful Nightmare |  Billyho kresby <3
I used to LOVE the NBA when I was like 9 or 10 and I havent' watched any sports for years but the last few seasons I've enjoyed watching the Laker games. This year I got really into it and they won The Finals..so I thought I'd draw another subject I never draw..sports. I started out planning for it to be a generic player and then I realized I needed a jersey number so I picked Odom, he rules. But sadly it looks nothing like him..oh well. Enjoy

My Pets

20. června 2009 v 16:36 | Beautiful Nightmare |  Billyho kresby <3
These are my pets...I don't draw animals much so I thought it'd be a good exercise. Again..trying some new coloring techniques here. Some things I'd like to fix but I'm still learning...as are we all.

Vitriol Color Test

20. června 2009 v 16:32 | Beautiful Nightmare |  Billyho kresby <3
I watched a tutorial on classic comic book style coloring using "cuts" and "friskets". I wanted to experiment with some new techniques I learned but I kind of hate this..I failed. I'm hoping for some critiques from you master colorists out there. At least I did a new drawing of my character now re-named Vitriol.
*EDIT* OK...I actually hated it so much I already made some changes..here's an update.

"It's Close To Midnight" - Billy - 17.6.09

20. června 2009 v 16:28 | Beautiful Nightmare |  → News ←
Hey guys..no new posts in a while so I thought I'd throw this up. I just released a new print of this MJ piece I did. Check it out here on my webstore. http://bloodzilla.myshopify.com/
..and Thanks for all the Birthday shout-outs!

MTVN Working Dads Panel - 18.6.09

20. června 2009 v 16:14 | Beautiful Nightmare |  Fotky z různých akcí, konzíků

At Guys & Dolls - 18.6.09

20. června 2009 v 16:12 | Beautiful Nightmare |  Benji - photos

Joel, Josh & Mat Devine

20. června 2009 v 16:09 | Beautiful Nightmare |  Joel - photos

Young Dre video shoot

20. června 2009 v 16:02 | Beautiful Nightmare |  Benji - photos

With Robert Holik & Hayden Slater

20. června 2009 v 16:01 | Beautiful Nightmare |  Benji - photos