Duben 2009

V LA - 22.4.09

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With Nicole at starbucks - 23.4.09

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Benji spotted out - 21.4.09

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Benjí :)

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Joel and Benji around LA - 21.4.09

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Benji, Joel & Carson

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Three of a Kind

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It's been too long since I've posted anything, so...here is a shirt design I did for my clothing line. The design is actually about 6 months old and it never got used for a shirt. Level 27 is sponsoring a zombie themed art show at the end of May in Orange, CA. I thought we would use this artwork for the flyers. I haven't been able to post anything new because I have been working on a BIG painting for the show. I should have it finished in the next day or two. I'll post all the details for the show sometime this week.

His Royal Flashness

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:iconsauceboy: posted up some sick lines for a Flash pin up piece. I think coloring someone else's lines always teaches you something new so I jumped on the opportunity. Here are my colors.

The tattoo incident - Joel - 27.4.09

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Wow. I really didn't not intend for me twittering about my BritAir tattoo incident to get so much attention. At the end of the day who really cares if i make my flight or not? I was mostly laughing about it as i thought most of the people who follow me on twitter would too. A few of the other BA employees were just as surprised as i was. But it was their manager and for some reason i could not file a complaint there. They gave me a little card to fill out. But like i said it really isn't my style to cause a scene, so ultimately it would be up to me to complain, and i'm not going to file one. I will say I'm glad Nicole and Harlow weren't with me, then i really would have been embarrassed. At the end of the day it's as simple as not using the airline, not really worth me going on and on about beyond this. So i hope that is enough for everyone on twitter, no need to get worked up about it. Pretty insane all from a couple twitter posts from my cell phone huh? Thank you all for the concern.
Some good news i made it into the top 12 in the pokerstars tournament in monte carlo. I did pretty good until going all in with pocket 9's. really stupid of me. Oh well you live and you learn.

Hope you guys are having a great weekend! - 26.4.09

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I am having the best weekend ever !!!!!!
The weather in Southern California is perfect!!!!!!!!!
I wish we could all hit the beach together, that would rule!!!!
Did you guys see my boys Benj & Joel on Carson Daly??
Peace & Love,

Answering your twitters - Joel - 22.4.09

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So I've gotten so many questions on twitter, and i don't you guys to think i'm ignoring you. i read all the replies. theres Just no space to answer and you'd all get annoyed with that many twits, so i'm gonna start answering them here from time to time. Here's a few for now.....

@jesshazel yes i would follow a fan, but wouldn't that be stalking?? oh you mean on twitter? sure why not.

@therealnicolec I do like some ska. the specials are a fav. I loved goldfinger and real big fish. I'm into more reggea and dub now as far as the dancehall kind of music goes.

@tezzalezza thats a hard one. I'll have to think of it. I have more than one favorite song from each of our records. whats yours?

@stephpc i'm not against personal questions, i just will answer what i feel like and if i dont feel like it i don't answer.

@agentskitzer Snoop and I did not blaze, i don't smoke weed, but if i did i'm sure he would have given me some good stuff. He seemed very friendly and hospitable.
Great guy.

More to come.....

So thanks everyone for the comments and the tweets. Anytime i'm gonna be long winded i'll post it here and you can it here. Thanks for all the twitter love.

Photoshoot by Colin Jacob

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Joel se obarvil

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I changed my hair. Yep. that's it.
Thanks to byron&tracy for hooking me up.
Ok. thats it. Ok do your worst. tell me what you think......


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What Up??? - 16.4.09

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I just wanted to check in and say hello!!!!!!!!
What have you been up to ???
I wanna know everything.
Peace & Love,

Joel, Nicole and Harlow out on Easter

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Out on Melrose - 11.4.09

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With Nicole at a party - 13.4.09

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Joel and Nicole leaving doctors office - 10.4.09

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