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Our Show In Chile... - 25.3.09

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Hey guys, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but due to circumstances out of our control we won't be playing in Chile this weekend as planned. We were really looking forward to playing there, it had been so long since we played a show! We are already working on trying to schedule another show there in the near future. Sorry to all of those who were planning to be there, we know we have awesome fans in Chile and we will see you all soon. Thanks for understanding.

Tweet Tweet! - Paul - 25.3.09

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What up peeps? Shout out to the Madden boys on Larry King Live. You guys made me proud. I saw that Joel has a twitter thing going on and I had to see what all of the buzz was about. I made and account.


It's pretty cool. Hopefully we'll get it set up for everyone and put some links up on our website, myspace, facebook, etc....

New GC Video Blog(Vlog?)! - 23.3.09

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We got together this weekend for some rehearsals, we haven't played a show in about six months! We are heading to Santiago Chile next weekend to play a festival along with The Academy Is... should be a good time! I brought along the video camera and put together a little video of practice. I'll bring it with me to Chile and try to give you all a little glimpse of that show as well. As for all you who live in Chile...see you at the show!

Twitter - Joel - 15.3.09

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Hey everybody. I'm on twitter now.
Bummer someone took my name. but thats me. so follow me for some good one liners.
Will have a new blog up here this week with some new pics. In nyc right now with my brother josh. Happy to be with him but miss my little family. Blog soon. Holler!

Benji, Joel, Nicole and Harlow at the DCMA store - 24.3.09

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Joel and Benji leaving Larry King Live - 23.3.09

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Joel s Harlow :)

26. března 2009 v 22:31 | Beautiful Nightmare
rozkošný :)

Joel spotted out - 23.3.09

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With Nicole at Four Seasons - 23.3.09

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Joel, Nicole and Harlow spotted out - 21.3.09

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Making Strides..or Strider?

21. března 2009 v 20:22 | Beautiful Nightmare |  Billyho kresby <3
Here's something I did just for fun today. I was feeling stiff with my current project, I spent all day drawing yesterday and nothing good came out of it! Sometimes I feel if I switch mediums (copic markers for this vs. digital colors) and do something different I can go back to a previous work with a new eye for it. So here is Aragorn from the Lord of the Rings. When I sat down to draw this morning I just had the urge to draw him...so here you go.

Cardinal Vampire

21. března 2009 v 20:21 | Beautiful Nightmare |  Billyho kresby <3
A vampire in Cardinal robes? Now this is getting interesting...another character design for my next project. I had made myself a promise to start drawing animated poses instead of this standard 3/4 standing pose but....it just works well for a quick design. Oh well...

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Let's Do This

21. března 2009 v 20:19 | Beautiful Nightmare |  Billyho kresby <3
Here's another supporting character from my upcoming project. I'm dying to talk about it but I don't wanna' jinx anything. You've already met some of the main characters already, you just didn't know it then. They are here and here. Although I've had to change some names around a little. In the meantime I'll keep sharing these character designs as I work them out.

Copyright 2009 Billy Martin. All rights reserved.

A Couple a' Demon Bums

21. března 2009 v 20:18 | Beautiful Nightmare |  Billyho kresby <3
Here's a couple of homeless demon street bums from a new project I'm working on. They are minor supporting characters but I was pleased with the designs so I thought I'd share. I'll share the details soon about the project as soon as all the "business" stuff is finalized. Enjoy...
Copyright 2009 by Billy Martin. All rights reserved.

The Uncommonly Gentleman

21. března 2009 v 20:17 | Beautiful Nightmare |  Billyho kresby <3
One of my favorite movies, yet I've never drawn him before this. I used to draw with this pen and ink/hash-mark style a lot but I haven't been that into lately. However this piece just seemed right for it and I love how it came out!
*Drawn while listening to the soundtrack-my all time favorite movie score*

Ultra Combo Hadouken

21. března 2009 v 20:16 | Beautiful Nightmare |  Billyho kresby <3
I got Street Fighter IV and it's seriously awesome! I had to do some Ryu fan art. Hadouken!

2 fotky z narozenin

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Twins out with the family - 18.3.09

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