Prosinec 2008

Šťastný Nový rok!

31. prosince 2008 v 18:47 | Beautiful Nightmare |  moje_kecy
Tak je to tu, poslední den v roce 2008 :) Chtěla bych vám popřát hodně štěstí, zdraví a úspěchů v novém roce a dneska večer to moc nepřežeňte s alkoholem ;) :D Enjoy New Year's Eve! =P

2008 is almost gone! - 29.12.08

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Hello GC Family!!!!!!!!!!
Its been an amazing year for all of us in GC land.
I want to thank everyone all over our great planet for supporting Good Charlotte.
2009 is gonna rule !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Get ready for a new GC record and a ton of GC showzzz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Time to ROCK in 2009 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Peace & Love,

Marvel Aces

31. prosince 2008 v 18:31 | Beautiful Nightmare |  Billyho kresby <3
I was rummaging through old reference ideas I had saved on my computer and I found the poster for the movie "Smokin' Aces." I thought the movie was OK, but I really liked the way the poster was laid out. I kept meaning to do something similar to it and I finally got around to it. I picked a few Marvel characters and put this together. I was too anxious to see how it would turn out that I kind of rushed through the line drawings. It just shows, no matter how much tricky stuff you do in Photoshop, you cant hide from messy lines. Either was fun and thats what art is about right? Enjoy..

Joel and Nicole in Hawaii - 29.12.08

31. prosince 2008 v 18:29 | Beautiful Nightmare |  Joel - photos

At LAX - 28.12.08

31. prosince 2008 v 18:22 | Beautiful Nightmare |  Joel - photos

Benji out in Runyon Canyon Park - 24.12.08

31. prosince 2008 v 18:20 | Beautiful Nightmare |  Benji - photos

Joel and Nicole out shopping - 26.12.08

31. prosince 2008 v 18:18 | Beautiful Nightmare |  Joel - photos

SONC - tentokrát Benji

28. prosince 2008 v 16:47 | Beautiful Nightmare |  moje_kecy
Hello guys, chci vás poprosit o hlasy v SONC, tentokrát jsem tam dala Benjiho =P Hlasuje se TADY. Za všechny hlasy děkuju a užijte si poslední dny prázdnin :)
Btw. ano, u méno nicku je sice jiný blog než tenhle, ale mám jich poněkud více :D

Šťastné a veselé Vánoce :)

23. prosince 2008 v 20:52 | Beautiful Nightmare |  moje_kecy
Hey guys :)
Chtěla bych vám všem popřát pěkný prožití vánočních svátků, hodně dárků pod stromeček a šťastnej novej rok :) Užijte si Silvestr! ^^

Dynamic Duo

23. prosince 2008 v 16:47 | Beautiful Nightmare |  Billyho kresby <3
Here's a quick head shot warm-up I did today for fun. I could draw Batman everyday, I love these characters..

Happy Holidays! - Billy - 11.12.08

23. prosince 2008 v 16:46 | Beautiful Nightmare |  → News ←
My 2008 Holiday drawing...this one took me a while to finish. I always shy away from backgrounds because they are harder for me to draw. With this drawing I purposefully drew a complex background for the challenge. I'm pretty happy with the turnout. I went and printed a bunch of blank holiday cards with this on the front to send to my family and friends. I held ten aside to sell on my webstore. I'm selling them in sets of 2 with the envelopes, so thats means only five sets are for sale. If you are interested check them out here. Happy Holidays!

12/08 Checking in... - Billy - 4.12.08

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Hey guys...just checkin' in after the Thanksgiving holiday. I went back to MD to visit my family and friends for a week, ate lots of "Tofurkey", and got to play a few songs with my friends band, Beretta Jane. They did a 90's cover set for fun at Bedrock in Baltimore the night before Thanksgiving and I played some Silverchair and Nirvana with them. The event was hosted by Christ Kirkpatrick, always good to see him!
This Saturday night, Dec. 6th, I'll have a few pieces of art for sale at the "Peglegs and Pistols" art show in Orange, CA. Here's one of the pieces I'll have for sale, it's the two main characters from "Supa Pirate Booty Hunt." Check the link for all the info.
All the clothes that we sold at the Disney Vault 28 event are now for sale on the Level 27 Online store here. We're gonna run a Christmas limited offer starting next week, so make sure to check back soon!
The giclee prints are also for sale at the Bloodzilla Online Store here. Remember these are limited, only 18 of each were printed.

Kerrang! Poster

22. prosince 2008 v 20:06 | Beautiful Nightmare |  Band - photos

Joel and Nicole out for a walk - 19.12.08

22. prosince 2008 v 20:04 | Beautiful Nightmare |  Joel - photos

S Linzi

22. prosince 2008 v 20:00 | Beautiful Nightmare |  Billy - photos

Mix fotek z DCMA

22. prosince 2008 v 19:59 | Beautiful Nightmare |  Twins - photos

Christina Aguileras Clockwork Orange Themed Birthday Party - 18.12.08

22. prosince 2008 v 19:51 | Beautiful Nightmare |  Fotky z různých akcí, konzíků

Benji outside Cinespace - 16.12.08

22. prosince 2008 v 19:45 | Beautiful Nightmare |  Benji - photos

Joel and Harlow at The Grove - 16.12.08

22. prosince 2008 v 19:42 | Beautiful Nightmare |  Joel - photos