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Happy Father's Day Fam!! - 14.6.08

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Father's play special role in all of our lives. Sometimes dad's can get a bad rap because some dudes don't really play the role well, but dads are really important and every guy I know that works their hardest to be good fathers always get the most respect from me. Like my brother Joel. Ever since Harlow took her first breath, she is all Joel has thought about day and night. Joel and Nicole are amazing parents. I have never seen anything like it. Just the love that Harlow is surrounded with every second of every day is amazing. Joel has always been my little brother. I always had to look out for him, give him direction or bail him out...but ever since he found out he was gonna be a Dad, he took a million steps past me. He takes care of his family. Every day, day and night, his number one concern is the safety and well being of his family. In my opinion he has the coolest little family too and what a beautiful little girl he has. Joel you are a great dad, i look up to you for that.
My sister Sarah's guy Alexi is also an amazing father to my niece Clementine. I thank God everyday that such a great dude is taking care of my 2 special girls. I couldn't ask for anything more for my family. Alexi is patient, caring and has earned my respect on every level. What a good dude. So HAPPY FATHER'S DAY guys! and to every other guy I know that is a great dad, congrats, enjoy your day! Hope you enjoyed this video of these kids beating their dad up. talk to you guys soon......benj
thanx again for all the awesome comments!!


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Agony and Irony! - 13.6.08

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So this past weekend I went to the Live 105 Show with Cypress Hill, Pennywise and one of my favorite bands Alkaline Trio. Live 105 is the main alternative rock station here in the Bay Area. When I found out who was on the bill, I had to go. I caught up with Matt, Dan and Derek of The Trio and they told me that they are stoked on their new album. They did this album with Josh Abraham which is a nice switch for them. Abraham has done many huge albums and worked with bands like Linkin Park, Staind, Courntey Love, and Slayer. So being the super fan I am of the Trio I asked and begged for a copy of the new cd because I CAN'T WAIT!! They obliged and gave me a copy. Man Oh Man is it good. My favorite songs at the moment are tracks # 1,3,9. I didn't get the track names so that's all I can say about it. I will know the song titles when I buy the album on July 1. Agony and Irony is what it is called. Check it out.

I hung out with Derek and we reminisced about the time he came out on tour and saved our butts. We were in the middle of a tour in Europe and we needed a drummer because our current one couldn't work. Derek flew out as soon as he could and was playing all the GC songs on stage with us the next day. It was very cool getting to play with the drummer that plays in one of my favorite bands. After the trip down memory lane in the back lounge of their tour bus, I went to the front and met Fletcher from Pennywise for the first time. He had his finger dipped in his cocktail and then he shook my hand. I didn't know what it all meant but I liked it! Maybe he was stirring his drink or maybe he was doing some old school punk initiation thing. I like to think it is was the latter option but I'm probably wrong.

All in all it was a good time. Flogging Molly was there too and so was DJ Steve Aoki Kid Millionaire. Man I have never seen a DJ set like that. That guy is a rock star up there on stage. The crowd was going off for him. If he comes rolling through your town, you should check it out.

Paul (Bass Man 5000)
Minulý víkend jsem šel na Live 150 Show se Cypress Hill, Pennywise a jednou z mých oblíbených skupin Alkaline Trio. Live 150 je hlavní alternativní rocková stanice tady v Bay Area. Když jsem zjistil, kdo je na seznamu, musel jsem jít. Dostihnul jsem Matta, Dana a Dereka z Tria a ti mi řekli, že přidávají jejich nové album. To album dělali s Joshem Abrahamem, což je pro ně příjemná změna. Abraham už dělal na mnoha ohromných deskách a pracoval s kapelami jako Linkin Park, Staind, Courtney Love a Slayer. A protože jsem super fanoušek Tria, zeptal jsem se a žebral o kopii jeji nového CD, protože SE NEMŮŽU DOČKAT!! Vyhověli mi a dali mi kopii. Man Oh Man, je to dobrý. Moje oblíbený songy jsou momentálně stopy číslo 1,3,9. Nedostal jsem názvy stop, takže tohle je všechno, co o tom můžu říct. Názvy písniček se dozvim, až si to album koupim 1.července. Má název Agony and Irony. Poslechněte si ho.
Bavil jsem se s Derekem a vzpomínali jsme na dobu, kdy přišel na turné a zachránil nám naše zadky. Byli jsme v prostředku turné po Evropě a potřebovali jsem bubeníka, protože náš nynější nemohl pracovat. Derek přiletěl jakmile to bylo možné a další den s námi hrál všechny GC songy na podiu. Bylo to fakt cool, moct hrát s bubeníkem, která hraje v jedné z mých oblíbených skupin. Po výletu do našich vzpomínek v zadní místnosti jejich tour busu, jsem šel do přední a poprvé potkal Fletchera z Pennywise. On ponořil prst do svého koktejlu a pak mi potřásl rukou. Nevěděl jsem, co to všechno znamená, ale líbilo se mi to! Možná promíchával svoje pití nebo třeba dělal nějakou old school punkovou seznemovací záležitost. Rád bych si myslel, že to byla ta druhá možnost, ale možná se pletu.
Celkově to byla dobrá doba. Taky tu byli Flogging Molly a Steve Aoki Kid Millionaire. Ještě nikdy jsem neviděla takový Djský set. Ten chlap je na jevišti rocková hvězda. Dav pro něj omdléval. Jestli přijede do vašeho města, měli byste na něj jít.
Paul (Bass Man 5000)
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Vegas, L.A. Tru and Tattoos... - 12.6.08

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Hey everybody, Hope you guys are all doing great. I have been promising you a Vegas Blog for a few days so here it is...I have been really busy the last few days, so it took me a a minute but i hope you guys enjoy this one:) I had a great weekend in Vegas with my girlfriend. She shot her show all weekend their and I just tagged along to support. While she worked i gambled and hung out. I actually didn't lose money this time. Can't complain about that!! We had a really nice time. We even got to go on a Private Jet, sorry but that kind of stuff amazes me still. So you guys know i had to take a pic for the GC blog!!

We need your help making our summer set list! - 11.6.08

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We need your help putting together the best GC set list ever for the summer tour.
Pick your 3 favorite songs from all 4 records and create a set list,then send them to us.


S Nicole na obědě - 12.6.08

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With coffee - 8.6.08

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Benja nakupuje - 9.6.08

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Na nákupu - 11.6.08

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Zašel si pro kafe - 11.6.08

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Zaseee =P

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Hei =) Jak jste si určitě všimli, udělala sem novej design...černo-červeno-žluto-šedej xD cool ne? xD podle mě to jakžtakž ladí no xD takže..jak říká Billy - enjoy xD
PS.: Nezapomeňte hlasovat o NEJ fotku ČERVNA (Billy) - CLICK
PS 2.: Hlasujte do ankety dole plz ;)

Billy slaví 27.narozeniny =*

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Dnes je další slavný den Billy má dnes 27.narozeniny Tímto mu přeju hodně zdraví, štěstí, lásky a úspěchů s GC Oslavujte!

Rodinka na procházce - 12.6.08

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Na benzínce - 12.6.08

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With Nicole venku - 10.6.08

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InTouch Magazine

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