Květen 2008


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Joel and Nicole go to Lakers game - 24.5.08

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Food, Folks and Fun - 28.5.08

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Hey everybody, I'm finally catching my breath after a busy couple days and i thought i would jump on and put some pics up and let you know what has been going on....Had a little get together at my gf's house this weekend for memorial day and lots of babies were there....

Fota z DCMA

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Animky =)

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Photobucket Photobucket Billy Paul Joel & Harlow

Leží =)

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Smileee =)

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krásná fotka =)

S Paris venku - 22.5.08

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Telefonuje - 23.5.08

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S Nicole venku - 22.5.08

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Zbytek fotek → ZDE
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S Nicole a Harlow v parku - 21.5.08

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Kerrang! - 21.5.08

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"Where Would We Be Now?" - Billy - 25.5.08

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Hey, just checking in on the site. I dont have any new photos like Benj (now known as "photo/blog king") to post up, but I was letting you all know that "Where Would We Be Now" is officially released as our US single. We need you guys to call your local stations and request it! We are going to be shooting a video for it really soon and we need your help to make it as big as possible! We want everyone singing along to it on the US tour this summer, so lets make it happen!! See you all there...
Hey, pojďte se podívat na naší stránku. Nemám žádné nové fotky jako Benj (nyní známý jako "foto/blogový král"), které bych vám poslal, ale chtěl jsem vám říct, že "Where Would We Be Now" je oficiálně vydán jako americký single. Chystáme se natáčet video už fakt brzo a potřebujeme vaši pomoc, jak jen to bude možné! Chceme každého zpívajícího dopředu na US tour tohle léto, takže nechť se stane!!! Uvidíme se tam...
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Love Automatic - 24.5.08

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click here and check these guys out and tell me what you think.
its a free download, i really like it. what do you guys think? They are called Love automatic...download it and make some comments........laterrrrr.....benj
Click here a podívejte se na tyhle kluky a řekněte mi co si myslíte. Je to free download, a opravdu se mi to líbí. Co si o tom myslíte? Jmenujou se Love Automatic...stáhněte si to a napište mi nějaký komentář...................pozdějiiiiiii............benj
Děkuju lovegc.blog.cz

We Are Venom

25. května 2008 v 21:35 | Beautiful Nightmare |  Billyho kresby <3
I've been loving the new Spiderman cartoon on the CW network! Since I already drew a Spidey in Prismacolor markers, I decided I'd go for Venom this time.
Moc se mi líbí kreslený Spiderman na CW síti. Od té doby, co kreslím Spideyho v Prismacolor markers, rozhodl jsem se, že zkusím i Venoma.
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"DCMAddens" - 24.5.08

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Today i had a special little helper at the DCMA store...my niece Clementine. She said she was meeting Harlow up on Melrose to go shopping but she had some extra time so she thought she would swing by and gimme a hand organizing the store and helping some customers....ahhh it kills me how cute my nieces are, and i have Clementine and my sister and my mom here all weekend:)